Chimney Sweep

The odor that has constantly been irritating you might not be from your ductwork. Not many people know but it can be coming from your chimney. The odor is an indication that you need a complete chimney sweep from a professional service like Pure Air LLC. Not only is that smell an irritant, but it can also result in your chimney catching on fire. Here are some common reasons for the smell


Excessive soot:

If there is too much soot build up in your chimney, it starts producing a bad smell. You should get chimney cleaning as soon as possible because this soot can also catch fire very easily.



Another reason might be the absorption of moisture in your chimney which produces a damp smell. Moisture also causes rusting to the damper, due to which the chimney lining gets damaged. Therefore, you will need a chimney repair.


Animals And Leaves:

Another reason for smell might be that due to not being in use during the long summer season, soma animals have found their way into your top hat chimney. They have died in there because getting out isn’t as simple as getting in. Or leaves have collected in your chimney after fall. In that case, you need to contact Pure Air LLC for a top hat chimney sweep.


All of these problems can be eliminated by a chimney sweep service that has enough experience. Pure Air LLC is one of the top chimneys sweep San Antonio services. The reason is the implementation of industry-leading techniques and the latest methodologies, at the lowest prices.

Chimney Sweep
Chimney sweep inserting a coarse wire brush into the flue of a chimney while standing on top of the roof

Chimney Repair Service:

In addition to chimney cleaning services, Pure Air LLC also provides chimney repair services as well. There are numerous occasions on which a local chimney sweep is not enough to get rid of the problem. Below are instances when you are going to need repair services for your chimney.


Cracks in Firebricks:

If you come across any crack in the firebricks, it indicates that your firebox has been damaged. Heat can escape from these cracks to the house, which might even result in a fire or a short circuit due to damage to electrical wiring. In such a situation, contact the best chimney service company to get rid of the problem.


Clay Tile Pieces:

If you see any clay tile pieces in your fireplace, it means that the flue liner is damaged. These small and large pieces indicate the spacing there is between clay liners from which the heat is escaping to the structure of the house.


Excessive Smoke:

If the fireplace produces more smoke than it normally does, it means the throat damper is facing some issue. Contact a chimney sweep company for a complete diagnosis of the problem.

Now you know how important it is to clean sweep chimney and what can happen if you don’t clean it properly. Chimney cleaning more often is not a DIY job. Therefore, if you need an affordable chimney sweep, contact Pure Air LLC. We offer professional chimney sweep at affordable prices. That is what makes us the best chimney company.

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