Ductwork Sealing & Repair

If your energy bills are rising even though your HVAC system is in perfect working condition, then you need to check your ductwork insulation. The ductwork is the network of pipes and ducts that connects the HVAC system to the various parts of the house.

If there is any leakage in any part of the ac ductwork, the air might be escaping from that point, due to which the HVAC has to overwork. Thus increasing the electricity cost. At Pura Air LL, we are not only experienced in ductwork cleaning servicesbut we also provide excellent ductwork insulation as well.


Why Do You Need Ductwork Sealing?

The ducting is commonly made up of either metal or fiberglass. There are a number of bends and joints in the ductwork. Therefore, if any one of those joints or bends leak, the heated or the cooled air might be leaking. Due to this, the HVAC system is not able to work efficiently. That is why sealing ductwork joints is very important.

Apart from this, if the ductwork in your house is very old, it might have cracks due to aging. In that case, the air conditioning ductwork will also be non-efficient as it is losing the cooled air into the surrounding.

Not only is there a problem with higher electricity cost, but this lost air might also increase moisture in the closed spaces like basements, attics, or crawlspaces, which is in turn another source of bigger problems.

Therefore, if you are suffering from leakage in air condition ductwork in atticbasement or crawlspaces, contact Pure Air LL today to get the best services. We use special bonds and tapes, according to the situation for sealing ductwork leaks in various parts of the house.

ductwork insulation

The Difference Between Sealing And Insulation:


In order to know what the main problem is, you need to first understand what the difference between the common terms used for ductwork repair is.

In order to protect the heat or cooling escaping through conduction, people often insulate the heating air conditioning ductwork. This also helps in reducing the electricity costs considerably as well.

The second term used is sealing metal ductwork. The main purpose of using this technique is to seal all the leaks or, proactively sealing the various bends and joints before any leak has occurred, so that there is no leak in the future as well. Neither sealing nor insulation is a DIY job.

The reason behind that is that even a small error can lead to major problems in the future. One common problem is the build-up of mold in unconditioned areas, due to moisture, as explained earlier.

Therefore, if you are suffering from leaking ductwork in your house, contact Pure Air LL today. Our experienced staff will be there in no time. We also offer competitive prices as compared to the various services in the market.

That is why we also provide an online quotation for our services for fixing ductwork. Hence, you can be reassured that you are getting the best services, at best rates.

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