Radiant Barrier Insulation

The most common type of heat that our houses are effected from is the radiant heat, apart from conduction and convection. That is why radiant barrier insulation is used in order to keep the electricity costs in control. The most commonplace for the installation of a radiant barrier is attic. This is because the reflective surface needs to face open spaces.


How Radiant Heat Affects Indoor Temperature?

The sun transmits radiant heat which increases the temperature of the roof. This heated roof will then increase the indoor temperature through radiant heat. That is why a radiant heat barrier is installed so that the radiant heat that is being transmitted from the roof doesn’t affect the indoor temperature, rather is reflected. Pure Air LLC is a trusted brand for radiant barrier attic insulation because of the experience that we have gained over the years. We have undertaken numerous projects in different areas for radiant barrier insulation installation.


How Is The Radiant Barrier Installed?

The most common type used for the radiant barrier is reflective insulation. Taking into account the type of heat being a form of radiation, the reflective property of aluminum foil is mostly used. When the radiant heat falls on a reflective surface, all of it is reflected back. In order to increase the effectiveness of radiant barriers and reflective insulation systems, different types of materials are used. With adhesive tape or solution, the aluminum foil is pasted over all these objects. The common types that are used for making the best attic radiant barrier are kraft paper, strand board, plastic films, and fiber-reinforced materials.

Radiant Barrier & Insulation

Who Should Install A Radiant Barrier And Can It Be Installed In Old Homes?

It is recommended to ask professional services for the installation of a radiant barrier on top of the insulation. The reason is that the whole effectiveness of the system relies on the proper installation. If the system has not been installed perfectly. Therefore, you should always ask professional service for radiant barrier over insulation installation, so that there are no problems for you in the future.


It is relatively very easy to install a radiant barrier in newly built houses because the work can be incorporated into the work already been done. However, it can also be installed in the older houses as well but the radiant barrier cost will slightly more. The reason for this is that in the houses that have been previously built, the professionals will have to set up the assembly totally from scratch, which would require more work. Apart from that, they might also have to remove certain things for proper installation, which increases the man-hours, thus, in turn, increasing the cost for installation.


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