UV Light System

With the advancement in medicine, the types of bacteria and viruses, and their immunity against common medicines have also increased. The main routes of entry of these agents are through air or water. Pure Air LLC provides you protection against these agents with the help of UV light air purifier systems for the agents present in the air at your home, as well as an ultraviolet light water purifier for treating water.


Advantages Of UV Light Purifier:

Whether used as an air purifier, or for water treatment, there are a large number of advantages for using UV light. Some of the advantages of using this in air purifier system are as under:



The UV light for the ac unit can be installed in the already present HVAC system at your home. Therefore, it won’t cost you anything extra for the whole installation of a separate system. Hence it is a very cost-effective solution as well as a long-term investment in your air filtration system.


Disease Protection:

There are a large number of airborne agents that can have adverse effects on your health. Therefore, the UV air purifier will kill all those airborne agents that are in the form of microorganisms in your homes, preventing you from various diseases.



Using UV light for air conditioners instead of filters that readily collect dirt also improves the air quality. In this way, not only the air is purified of all types of pollutants, at the same time, airflow remains at high speeds as well.

uv light air purifier
light for the ac unit

Energy Efficient:

Another advantage of using an ultraviolet air purifier is that it is extremely energy efficient also. As explained earlier, the conventional air conditioners use filters, which collect dirt. Due to the dirt, they get blocked. Therefore, they have to work really hard to push the air out. This increases energy costs as well.

At Pure Air LLC, we also provide ultraviolet light water treatment as well. Some of the advantages of UV water treatment are as follows:


No Chemicals:

The conventional filters use various chemicals to disinfect water. By using a UV light purifier for water treatment, the need for chemicals is eliminated. Hence the water is safer with these systems.


No Taste:

Other filtration techniques might add some kind of taste to the water. But UV systems do not produce any kind of taste either.



By using a UV light for a water filtering system for home, you can save a lot on maintenance costs as well. If there is some problem, you only have to replace the UV light and that’s it.

Therefore, you can see that there are a number of advantages to using UV purifiers not only for air filtration but also for water treatment as well.

If you are looking for the best UV air purifier, contact Pure Air LLC today. We provide treatment systems at competitive rates from the market. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money on installation costs, but you will also save a lot in the future with our whole house UV air purifier.

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